Monday, April 22, 2019

New Version, TinyMod3

Another change to the TinyMod. I've moved the thumb keys 5.5mm further from the row of keys above. I think it's more comfortable this way.

Since I was laying out a new board anyway, I also redid the wiring. Now every key is wired separately, including the S- keys and the asterisk keys. I'm still using TX Bolt as the serial protocol, so you can't tell there. But using the NKRO keyboard protocol you could make use of them in Plover. Of course, hacking your own firmware you can do whatever you like!

The boards are just a little bit longer and wider, but not much. The microcontroller has moved from the right side to the left, but is still covered by the top PCB. The slider switch for choosing the protocol is also now on the left side.

It's different firmware because of the change in wiring, but the functions are the same. You shouldn't notice any difference there.

The price is the same, $160USD for the keyboard, $7.90 shipping in the US, about $24 for most of the rest of the world. Sales tax $11.60 if you're in California like I am.

Hope you like it!


  1. I'm sorry to have overlooked that part in this post, I thought that I'd mentioned it. Email me at and give me your shipping address. I send you a PayPal invoice via email. Thanks for the interest!

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  3. Could you provide some physical specs, like the weight and dimensions? It seems very portable, which is appealing!

    1. The package weighs about 12 ounces when I ship it. The dimensions are 8x3x1 inches.