Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Another Improvement to TinyMod

TinyMod has a new microcontroller now that allows the firmware to support both TX Bolt serial protocol and NKRO keyboard protocol. The serial protocol has served stenomods fine so far, but there are times when NKRO keyboard protocol is better. For one thing, keyboard protocol is supported by all operating systems without having to install any drivers. Both Windows and Mac require a driver to be installed now in order to use the serial port, which can be a hassle. Plover should work for the new TinyMod on Windows, Mac, or Linux*, without installing any drivers.

The newest TinyMod comes with a jumper installed to make it boot into NKRO keyboard mode. If you remove the jumper and rebootIs the keyboard, it will be in TX Bolt serial mode. Without the jumper the keyboard should behave as TinyMods have always behaved. You won't notice any difference.

Jumper in NKRO keyboard position outlined

Price is the same, $160 USD plus shipping. Email me at stenomod@gmail.com if you'd like to order one. Please include your shipping address.

* Ubuntu 18.04 users should be aware that as of the writing of this post there a problem with Plover and NKRO on that platform where response is very, very slow. For the time being I recommend using TX Bolt serial for Ubuntu 18.04. And remember that in Linux no drivers need to be installed even for TX Bolt serial.