Saturday, January 7, 2017

3D Printer Progress

There is definitely some magic to 3D printing, at least for me there is. I've been printing and experimenting for the past few weeks. I'm not an expert by any means, but I seem to have a working system going.

At first the problem was that the blue tape was lifting in at least one corner, ruining the box. Google search suggested I should use my fingernails to get the tape to adhere better, and that seemed to work for awhile. Then I noticed that the box I was making was lifting off the tape, in the same corner. I tried cleaning with alcohol and acetone, but no luck. Then I saw, Google again, where one person suggested using a glue stick over the blue tape. That seems to have done the trick, though I'm trying not to be over confident.

I've managed to print one keyboard case that I'm satisfied with. I think that I'll be able to make them fast enough now to start taking orders. I won't actually take your money unless I have a keyboard with case ready to be shipped, but I'm happy to hear from you, if you're interested, and I do have about 6 keyboards without cases finished and otherwise ready.

The plan is to keep the same price, $200 USD (I know the D is redundant) plus shipping.

I still have at least one wood deck and I can make more, so if you like them better I'd be happy to sell them that way as well!

I hope to follow up with some pictures before too long.

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